Do you spend most of your time on Pinterest pinning earrings, bracelets and engagement rings to your “Must-Have Jewelry” board, hoping your special someone gifts you sometime sparkly soon? Or maybe you spend hours shopping for jewelry online for the next perfect addition to your collection? No? Just us? Shhhh. It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone if you do! Your secret is safe with us. Honestly, there is no better feeling than receiving a notification email regarding your shipping for your recent purchase (purchases), or walking out of a boutique with your hands full of bags after snagging that limited edition bracelet you’ve had your eyes on for like ever.

 Jewelry holds a presence like no other accessory. This is because fine jewelry not only complements your overall look, but it also enhances your beauty. With each piece you collect, there is a significant importance behind them. Is your significant other still not sold on why it’s a must you purchase every piece you see? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits for why wearing jewelry is important, to help them out a little! So, save it, copy it, and paste it into your current conversation… or maybe even print it and post it all over your home along with a picture of the earrings you’ve had your eye on. We promise, they won’t argue that jewelry is a must-have!  


  • Jewelry Draws Attention to Your Best Features

            Have you ever noticed how drawn we are to the tennis bracelet on someone’s wrist, or the diamond necklace on their neck? Not only do our eyes go immediately to the stunning piece in observance, but we also are more aware of the body part it is attached to. Wearing jewelry, for example earrings, highlights and draws attention to your face. Whereas, when you wear a necklace, people take notice of your neck and upper torso. Don’t neglect the power of jewelry! A pair of emerald green earrings can make your green eyes pop, accentuating their beauty and color- making them the main attraction.


  • It Complements Your Outfit

            Choosing an accessory is just as important as choosing clothing to wear. Not only can it complement your overall style, but it can also upgrade any “casual” look. When you make a choice regarding what you should conquer the day in, you are also choosing how to present yourself. Choosing a piece of modern jewelry can complement your outfit, ultimately creating a powerful presence. Remember, if you wear a deep V dress or t-shirt, adding in a necklace can fill in that gap, but it can also draw attention to your décolletage area. Choose a piece that goes best with your outfit, if your outfit is the main attraction, wear less flashy jewelry, but if you want your jewelry to be the star of the show, then wear a simple outfit!  


  • Symbolizes Your Personality

            Your choice in jewelry should resemble you and what you stand for. Always wear an accessory that signifies you and your personality. Never wear something that you don’t feel confident in, or something that doesn’t represent who you are as a person. Jewelry is an extension of us! Whether it’s dainty and simple, or it’s edgy and bold, it has a way of telling others about us without us saying a thing. Beauty is not only skin deep- it’s not only determined on your outside appearance. Every part of you is beautiful, especially your personality and your beliefs. Your choice in jewelry can accentuate or deemphasize this. Wear something that represents you and all your alluring qualities. 


  •  It Holds Significant Meaning

            Jewelry isn’t only beautiful for its overall appearance, but also for the meaning behind the collection you have. Often, we receive jewelry as gifts, we attain it from our travels around the world, someone we cherish passes away and we inherit it, or maybe we purchase it ourselves as a symbolic piece for a memory/person we want to remember, or possibly as a statement item. Regardless of the event in which you gained your new treasure, it holds a special place in your heart. Whether you were gifted it from someone you love, or you purchased it because you fell in love with it, every gem you have signifies adoration or a sense of endearment.

Wear something that helps you to feel beautiful and confident every time you put it on. You are unique and your choice in jewelry should resemble this. From shopping for jewelry online or in store to receiving it as a gift, every piece holds a significant meaning. Choose styles you love and best represent you! This is the only way to use all the enhancement qualities jewelry possesses.  

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