The jewelry you love to wear, collect and enjoy tells a colorful story about your fashion sense and paints a visual picture of the accessorized you. Nowhere does this become more evident than in your jewelry organizer. When you look at your assembled jewelry you can see a very private snapshot with a decided slant.

Does your jewelry organizer say Classic/Tiffany, Gypsy/bohemian, Avant-garde/minimalist, Handmade – Hammered Gold or silver jewelry only, or does one color make the boldest statement as in mostly red or just black and white. Just as your private jewelry collection speaks to who you are, your jewelry organizer says more!

There can be an interesting similarity between your jewelry collection and your jewelry organizer, or total schizophrenia. The traditional jewelry storage is the jewelry box crafted perhaps by artisan furniture makers, from specialty hardwood (rosewood, mahogany) or fine leather, and with a key for security. The box jewelry organizer can be inlaid with marquetry or veneers and may have a European history. Some have movable musical components, such as the familiar ballerina, that plays music as the ballerina twirls when the box opens. The only drawback to the jewelry box jewelry organizer is the size of the box limits the amount of jewelry that can be stored.

Jewelry organizers have interconnected departments with small bins and hooks and may have several drawers to provide additional layers of storage. Many are lined with velvet or satin. Other jewelry organizers can be created from a variety of softly padded themed fabric such as Asian kimono patterns, country homespun, or French toile patterns all fashioned as rectangles, squares, or other interesting or whimsical shapes. They can have zipper, snap, or Velcro closures.

Bohemian jewelry boxes are more flowing in their display and more often mix and chunk pieces rather than having each piece separate from the others. Space is not limited by a container or box but grows as spontaneously as the owner desires. This makes it the perfect jewelry box for true jewelry collectors. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings may be draped on statues, busts, door handles, picture frames, hangars, or peg boards.

Still other spontaneous yet practical jewelry boxes are fishing tackle boxes, large and small glass vases or glasses, all sorts of trays from silver to bamboo, and even dress forms.

Travel presents another jewelry box challenge. The idea is to take only some selected jewelry to accessorize pre-planned outfits. The larger the travel jewelry organizer, the more difficult the choice becomes. A flat plastic, multi-compartmentalized caddy that can be rolled up in to a small tube and easily packed is the tried and true popular choice. Not only does it take less space, but it can be easily placed into a hotel safe. For the serious bejeweled traveler, some select a small luggage trunk specifically designed and marketed as a jewelry box or cosmetic bag. Because of the specialty nature of the small trunk, this presents special attention on the part of the traveler to be aware of the trunk at all times.

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